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PreLaw FAQ

Is Personalized LSAT Prep Right for Me?

TLC PreLaw tutoring is best suited for students seeking a private, customized tutoring experience. TLC offers LSAT strategies and support for students with various needs. Whether you’re looking for additional help with a particular section or time management, TLC can create a tailored custom plan that will understand what you need.

What does your LSAT prep program cover, and how many tutoring hours do I need?

Every PreLaw study plan created is tailored for you with respect to your needs and goals. TLC will focus on specific section question types and general test strategies coupled with time management.

When and where does LSAT tutoring take place?

Our LSAT tutoring is conducted online, and you and your tutor will meet to discuss meeting times that work best for you. Most of the time, you’ll meet two- three times a week.

How do I get started with LSAT personalized tutoring?

Our LSAT tutoring service starts with learning more about you. We’d love to learn about your background, goals, preferences, and needs. Set up a Full Consultation with one of our LSAT experts today to see how we can help boost your score.

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